Biefbi Cucine

Since 1976, Biefbi was born from the experience of the Battistelli family in the furniture sector and specialises in the design and industrial production of fitted kitchens.

Over the years, thanks to the meeting and collaboration with designers, architects, photographers and artists, Biefbi has succeeded in interpreting products that are always different but united by the search for design and the application of the best technologies. A constant willingness to improve allows us to satisfy an increasingly demanding clientele by creating extremely customisable projects.

Biefbi, attentive to the continuous evolution of the market, offers the designer and the end user always new and up-to-date furnishing solutions. The design originality is achieved thanks to a continuous relationship with external designers able to ensure a balanced design that maintains its validity over time, without resorting to transient fashions. The constant search for a line of good taste and domestic harmony is flanked by an intrinsic product quality that stands out for its reliability and care for finishes. A safe choice to be long pleased with.

Biefbi Cucine has a 30,000 square metre photovoltaic plant in its factory, capable of producing 2.1 Megawatts of energy. Energy saving and eco-friendly quality are important topics for the company, which operates with the utmost respect for the environment and the ecosystem.

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